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Island Girl

Most Recent Pupdate

Island Girl arrived to Miami on October 7, 2017, and the very next morning we took her to the vet. 

Thank you so much Anna for bringing our sweet girl safely from Antigua to Miami! Island girl is out 2nd pup from Antigua. She was intentionally run over and before they backed up to hit her a good Samaritan swooped in to save the day! Island girl is going to take the night to decompress with her temporary foster tonight then will be going to Seiler animal hospital tomorrow morning with patches!

Island Girl was examined first. She is, as the vet in Antigua said, very underweight and a bit anemic. A fecal showed that the dewormer has been effective in ridding her of most intestinal parasites, but we found coccidia so she began treatment for that immediately. Her bandage was removed, and she holds her leg awkwardly under her belly. She has deep pain sensation, and can move the leg and foot, but the fractures are severe. To make matters worse, the fractures are right on the growth plate, and some calcification is already setting in. Good xrays were taken, and these have been sent off to an orthopedic specialist to see if there is an option for correcting the misalignment and early calcification, and hope to save to leg. She has age on her side; our vet feels she is 8-9 weeks old only. As soon as we have more info from the orthopedic, we will post more details.

UPDATE: After removing the bandage and completing therapy on the leg, the break healed exceptionally well! It's almost completely unnoticeable. 

Island Girl has now been adopted :)

The Situation:

Dogs & Cats of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda Pets – Adopt a Rescue Group Initiative


The devastation across the south of the United States and the Caribbean is beyond comprehension. Like so many of our fellow rescue organizations, we are compelled to help rescue efforts in the areas most affected. In furtherance of our mission to help the most critical and overlooked pets, by focusing on emergency situations, few in number but great in need, we have chosen to partner with a small organization of dedicated animal rescuers located in Antigua and Barbuda. We will be partnering with Dogs and Cats of Antigua to bring help directly to the pets who are in the most need in this region. We would like donation care packages to go out every two weeks. Please help us make this happen! 

We are in the process of developing a yearlong program where we “adopt” this rescue group and help them in a multitude of ways. Please consider becoming a volunteer for this initiative, or becoming a team leader for a specific project: 

  • Item Donation Drive



  • Airfare Miles Donation Drive
    Another alternative to cash donations would be to find donors willing to by a rescuer a roundtrip ticket to Antigua from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Dates are flexible, to maximize efficiency of miles needed.  


  • If anyone has donations, please contact us directly or send to 
    No Paw C/O Jacquelyn Johnston, 11352 W SR 84 #33, Davie, Florida, FL 33325

  • Foster Homes 

  • We will be taking supplies and able bodies with us, but we will be bringing back the worst of the worst pets in need. We will need to have able and willing foster homes waiting upon our return. Please contact us asap for more information. All medical expenses will be covered by the rescue, all you need to provide is care and love. Apply to foster HERE!

Click here to donate to the general fund to help pets from Antigua & Barbuda

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